We get many more requests than we can respond to personally, especially for sponsorship or partnership. If you have a request for donation, please understand that our supply is incredibly limited and we can’t support open-bar sponsorships, even for small events and good causes.


Colin Spoelman  – Co-Founder & Master Distiller
David Haskell – Co-Founder
Ryan Ciuchta – Head Blender & Production Manager
Brianna Halstead – Gatehouse Manager
Gabby Gjonaj – Sales Manager
Lee Bilsky – Operations Manager
Gaby Eisenman – NYC Sales Facilitator
Sam Kulik – New York State Sales Facilitator
Angie Schmitz – Bottling and Volunteer Coordinator
Charlie Horwich – Distiller & Facility Manager
Roxy Igolen – Distiller
Stella Etundi – Distiller
Glenn Marshall – Sales Facilitator
Lia Niskanen – Tour Program Manager
Willie Etheridge – Deliveries and Logistics
Matthew Million – Factory Manager

Physical Address:
Kings County Distillery
299 Sands Street, Bldg 121
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Mailing Address:
Kings County Distillery
63 Flushing Avenue, Box 379
Brooklyn, NY 11205

distillery phone: 347-689-4211
gatehouse tasting room: 347-689-4180

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