Recent Press

  • 03-26-2018

    Honey Moonshine 2018 Release

    With spring around the corner, we are excited and pleased to announce the return of our Honey Moonshine, an ongoing project with Brooklyn Grange, our rooftop farming (and beekeeping) neighbors in the Navy Yard. For anyone who has ever wanted to know what whiskey infused with NYC honey tastes like, ours is a delicious sweet and floral white whiskey. Unlike commercial honey whiskeys, ours has an authentic flavor because it’s steeped not just with real raw honey, but with with full frames from the beehives to allow the whiskey to pick up flavor from the beeswax and propolis too, with no other additives or ingredients. This run saw some improvements to filtration, but as a pro tip we still recommend shaking this bottle before consuming as the honey can concentrate toward the bottom over time.

  • 10-25-2017

    Barrel Strength Allocation

    Our holiday Barrel Strength allocation is going into stores this week. Once a regular offering, the demand on our older inventory has made it such that is is now one of our allocated whiskeys. The fall allocation is a small blend with some barrels pulled from some the oldest stock Kings County has ever released (5+ years). It is also the highest proof bourbon we’ve ever released at 128.2, having climbed from an average barrel entry proof of 116. This is a connoisseur’s bourbon: rich, bold, and memorable. And while many stores will get a few bottles allocated, we’ll always be in stock at the distillery.

  • 10-11-2017

    Rye Whiskey Release

    Join Kings County Distillery on Sunday, October 22nd, at a release party for our new Straight Rye Whiskey, a limited offering available only from the distillery while supplies last. Part of a broader project with other New York distillers, Kings County Straight Rye whiskey is made from 80% New York grown rye and 20% english barley malt and is aged 2 years in charred oak barrels with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, maple, mint, and cut grass with a finish of warm bread and holiday spice. Released at 102 proof, this is a potent entry into a much-loved category.

    We’ll be celebrating this new whiskey in the Gatehouses from 4pm to 8pm with bottles going on sale at 4:30pm sharp. Retail will be $30 for 200ml and $55 for 375ml, while inventory lasts (only 30 cases have been made).  The first 50 customers to buy a bottle will get a custom gift bag with purchase. Rye cocktails will be discounted all afternoon, and rye-themed snacks will be presented by Mile End Delicatessen. Sounds provided by DJ Yana Lil-Jerk.

    This rye is part of a larger collaboration with a group of other distillers; and full details of the project will be announced on Saturday, October 21st, at New York Distilling Company in Williamsburg (tickets for that announcement and horizontal tasting are available here) and more info at

    Kings County has made rye only once before, a limited barrel-strength run in 2011 that won a Double Gold Medal from San Francisco World Spirits Competition, among many other awards. We are pleased to contribute to such a storied tradition in American whiskey, albeit one that marketers have exploited more often than distillers. Industry estimates suggest that as much as 70% of the rye whiskey sold in America comes from one distiller, MGP, a maker of generic, unbranded whiskey in Indiana. We are pleased to contribute in our tiny way, to the increasing diversification of rye whiskey in America.

  • 09-22-2017

    Bourbon School

    If you missed our Bourbon Day Camp this summer, we’re re-booting the experience as a fall series of classes, each focused on a different aspect of bourbon production or consumption.  Classes will cover distillation, maturation, tasting, and making drinks. The first class, on bourbon production and distillation led by co-founder Colin Spoelman, will be Tuesday Oct 3rd, from 7pm to 9pm. Buy tickets for all 4 sessions and save, links to all can be found at our Events Page.

  • 09-22-2017

    Winter Spice Whiskey

    We’re bringing back last year’s winter spice whiskey for our fall/winter seasonal release. This is a bold whiskey infused with a potent brew of mulling spices: nutmeg, allspice, clove, coriander, black pepper, star anise, and a nice dose of cinnamon. This is a versatile spirit, sippable in it’s own right, but goes well in egg nog, spiked cider (hot or cold) or in hot toddies. With cool weather coming on, this is a winter warmer that makes any place feel like home.

  • 09-22-2017

    USA Today Top Ten

    Kings County was voted #6 on a list of top ten craft whiskey distilleries prepared by USA Today’s 10Best travel guide. Joining distilleries like Corsair, Garrison Brothers, and Balcones, the top honors were compiled by popular vote from a shortlist prepared by the site’s editors. With more an estimated 1000 craft distilleries making whiskey in the United States right now, this is a huge honor for our factory, our team, and our whiskey.


  • 07-07-2017

    Grapefruit Jalapeño Returns

    Warm weather means that the Grapefruit Jalapeño Moonshine is back and better than ever! Like last year’s infusion, we took Kings County’s signature moonshine and steeped it with quartered grapefruits, but this year we let the jalapeño peppers marinade a touch longer to add the kick you’ve been asking for. Our summer infusion still strikes just the right balance of citrus, bitterness, and heat. This is a great substitute for tequila in margaritas, vodka in bloody marys, or poured over ice with soda as a perfect summer refresher.

  • 05-24-2017

    IWS Medal Sweep

    On the heels of our big San Francisco announcement, another huge win for Kings County’s Bottled-in-Bond, taking Best American Whiskey, Best Bourbon, Best Small Batch Bourbon, and Best Bourbon Over 4 Years at the International Whisky Competition, just judged in Las Vegas. Kings County’s upset win beat out more commercial competitors such as Wild Turkey Master’s Keep, Old Forester 1920, and 1792 Bourbon. At 94.4, Kings County was the highest rated American Whiskey in competition. Anytime Kings County is blind tasted in a room of spirits professionals and comes out with top honors, it’s an enormous achievement for us, and reinforces our belief that 1) blind tasting is crucial to appreciating whiskey, and 2) that our Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon is a world class whiskey.

    Full results at

  • 05-16-2017

    Best Small Batch Bourbon

    The full results have been announced from San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and we are pleased to announce a DOUBLE-GOLD, BEST-IN-CATEGORY win for our Bottled-in-Bond Straight Bourbon for Small Batch Bourbon less than five years old. Kings County also snagged gold medals for Peated and Straight Bourbon, and medals for its Barrel Strength (silver) and Single Malt (bronze). As co-founder Colin Spoelman said, “It’s even more exciting to win when we are up against the best distilleries in the country.” The full list of other best-of-category award winners can be found here and includes notable brands like Four Roses, Elijah Craig, and Blanton’s.  The San Francisco World Spirits Competition or #SFWSC, is generally regarded as the world’s premier spirits competition, and the whole team at Kings County is thrilled with such a strong showing.


  • 04-18-2017

    Strawberry Ginger Moonshine

    Just in time for warmer weather, we are pleased to announce the release of our spring 2017 seasonal infusion, a Strawberry Ginger Moonshine, made with quartered whole strawberries and shaved ginger. The strawberries lend this whiskey a delicate pink hue, and it is a perfect spring whiskey for refreshing highball cocktails made with plenty of ice and seltzer. Available at the distillery and in New York bars and liquor stores until summer 2017.